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MFRR! Flight Attendant Shares Mama Shrimp Recipe with Joey


Last week’s episode of My Family Recipe Rocks! with Joey Fatone is up!

There’s something cooking in the friendly skies over Florida as Joey meets a former flight attendant who shares a whole lot more than her amazing shrimp and pasta dish she calls ‘Mama Shrimp.’

Lori Kline and a crew of her flight attendant and pilot friends gather at her home in Lake Worth, Florida, as she prepares a New Orleans style Creole dish with some KICK! Using fresh ingredients from her husband’s produce business and fresh raw shrimp, this dish has become famous in their community near West Palm Beach.
Watch the show online at or here at Still *NSYNC!

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MFRR! Joey visits North Carolina and learns to make collard greens



The new epi of My Family Recipe Rocks is up! Check it!


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Video: MFRR! – Joey visits the Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck

Durham, North Carolina, is known for tobacco, a great minor-league baseball team and incredible southern food. It’s also becoming known as one of the best places in the U.S. for the fast-growing Food Truck Movement. Joey spent the day with one of the new stars of this exciting food-scene in Durham, The Chirba Chirba Food Truck.

Meaning “eat, eat” in Mandarin Chinese, Team Chirba Chirba brings high quality Chinese-style dumplings made from an old-family recipe to the hungry lunch crowds of Raleigh/Durham. Joey rode on the truck and worked the fast-paced lunch hour mob along side the Chirba Chirba professionals.Co-Owners Yin Song, Nate Adams, Ali Safavi and Chela Tu came together while students at University of North Carolina. Their love for Asian food and cultural connections to China prompted them to go into business together.

Twitter and Facebook are a large part of Chirba Chirba’s marketing plan. They tell fans when and where the truck will be on the social media websites. Follow @ChirbaChirba on Twitter and check out their fan page on Facebook at

For more information on Chirba Chirba visit their website at

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